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From Start-Ups to Global Brands, our partnership and licensing options provide complete flexibility to suit your needs. We work closely with all our partners to help them through the process of applying the technology onto the substrate all the way to the marketing of the product.

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Boo & Sue

Our Silver & Bamboo ® Boo & Sue collection is our first own brand range, powered by Silver & Bamboo ® anti microbial technology. Designed in Yorkshire. The x4 Board Books have already won a Made For Mums 2021 award teaching young children the importance of health & hygiene. The collection is currently selling in Asia.


Page Protect

Using the powered by Silver & Bamboo ® anti microbial technology on book paper pulp, print coatings and inks, which offers permanent and significant protection from the transmission of viruses and bacteria.

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Silver & Bamboo KIDS

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Our own range, Silver & Bamboo® kids collection has been developed using our powered by Silver & Bamboo® anti microbial technology within the fabrics. With the combination of beautiful French inspired design and the use of soft fabrics, we have created a unique range to protect baby and you.

We have also developed a range of muslins and snuggle buddies to aid sleep and comfort babies when they are feeling unwell through the power of fragrance.

Shop our launch collection here.

CBD Infused

Wear your calm and relax into your best self.

CBD infused. Reduces anxiety and stress. THC Free.

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Swipe Card ®

Powered by Silver & Bamboo®. Swipe Cards®.


S-wipe the card onto your skin to release the benefits.


A pack of cards like no other.

Fragrance + CBD encapsulation options available.