About Us

Our story and the birth of Silver & Bamboo ®


Our Story

Silver & Bamboo® was created during lockdown 2020. We understand the importance of cleanliness and how germs are very easily spread. The Covid-19 global pandemic highlighted the need for clean + protected products.

We developed our own range of anti-bacterial children's accessories.To run in conjunction with our children's accessories, we published a series of 4 anti-bacterial children's board books. The books teach great hygiene values with very simple but effective illustrations. Our germ free books were awarded a Made For Mums 2021 bronze award for our innovative technology.

We signed our 1st distributor agreement within the publishing industry. With our patented anti microbial technology applied to books, we can ensure books remain germ and virus free forever. Books can remain part of our lives with the safe knowledge that no germs will be harboured, pages are protected.

In addition to our anti microbial, we also have our patented micro-encapsulation which enables fragrances and other actives such as CBD and Aloe Vera to be infused onto various substrates including paper and textiles.