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Silver & Bamboo ® aims to support cleanliness, wellbeing and the emotional senses through the use of our patented technologies and applications. 

The Silver & Bamboo ® team have many strengths & expertise, not only can they taste the difference between a Yorkshire Tea and a supermarket own brand, they can manufacture, supply and deliver superior technologies and build them into the brands you love. We have a wealth of experience in our ranks ensuring we are constantly evolving our technologies and are always on hand delivering the most up to date application methods and innovation. This experience has enabled Silver & Bamboo ® to develop world-wide partnerships and licensing deals with global businesses. 


The Covid-19 global pandemic highlighted to the world the need for clean + protected products. We wanted to bring our own ranges of products to market in the industries which we thought were in need of seeing our technologies.

Boo & Sue and Silver & Bamboo Kids were brought to life and have both been successes within their industries. The Boo & Sue board book series has already won a Made for Mums award in the UK and the books along with their accessories are now selling globally in Asia. We have distributor agreements within the publishing industry with our patented anti-microbial technology applied to books, we can ensure they remain germ and virus free forever. Books can remain part of our lives with the safe knowledge that no germs will be harboured, pages are protected.


In addition to our anti-microbial, we also have our patented micro-encapsulation technology which enables fragrances and other actives such as CBD and Aloe Vera to be infused onto various substrates including paper and textiles. The world really is becoming more health conscious and because of this, we have many global CBD encapsulation partners.


Silver & Bamboo ® are more than just a technology manufacturer. We are marketing professionals and have partners that understand all of their specialist industries. 


Enjoy that cup of Yorkshire Tea. 

Silver & Bamboo ® 

FULL S&B logo (built into the brands)-01.png