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Supporting cleanliness, wellbeing
and the emotional senses through
the use of technologies and applications
for everyone's sustainable lifestyle.

S&B® is a forward thinking, innovative and sustainable technology company specialising in 100% natural, plant based and sustainable solutions to elevate your products. We use a patented micelle system, creative thinking and specialist industry experts that transform and connect people with brands and our technology.

Smelling Perfume

S&B® adds more than just a technology, we are marketing professionals and have partners that understand all of their specialist industries.

Our partners, licensees and customers are part of our family.

Our collective global knowledge combined with our 100% natural, plant based and sustainable technology has enabled us to build worldwide partnerships and create truly special products. 

Meet The Founders

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Julia Ogden

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Managing Director


Stanley Miller

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Chief Operating Officer

If you're interested in working with us and learning more about our 100% natural, plant based and sustainable technology, let's talk

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