Image by Benjamin Brunner


Powered by Silver & Bamboo ® CBD otherwise known as Cannabidiol can be encapsulated into our patented micro encapsultation technology. 


Once the micro encapsulation is applied to the textile, upon wear/touch, the benefits of the CBD are passed onto the skin. 


Aids joint pain, reduces anxiety and stress.

More On Encapsulation- Micro-capsules are like tiny invisible containers which can be filled with something and then fixed on to a substrate.


The micro-capsules protect their contents until the surface they are attached to is rubbed or agitated at which point they break and release their contents gradually over time.


Our technology can be applied to all sorts of substrates including paper and textiles. 


Billions of tiny microcapsules filled with CBD actives can be fixed on to textiles or any other substrate.


Movement, friction or rubbing bursts open these invisible containers and their contents are gradually released on demand.


Our technology lasts through several washes.

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