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100% Sustainable, Natural and Plant Based innovation
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Powered by Silver & Bamboo ® CBD otherwise known as Cannabidiol can be integrated into the system so the benefits will be released upon agitation.


Benefits of CBD Infused Clothing

CBD is commonly known as a pain reliever for people with arthritis, and chronic pain,

which is why it is applied topically to treat several conditions that involve pain.

CBD doesn’t come with annoying side effects of painkiller medications so, it can be a

good choice for people who are training, or people who have chronic conditions like

arthritis or multiple sclerosis. It is an analgesic effect that reduces the perception to

the pain in the brain. It is also an Anti-Inflammatory.

Just the same as CBD oral medication, CBD infused clothes interact with the endocannabinoid system, which is in charge of so many processes in our body such as fertility, mood, pain sensation, and helps enormously in suppressing inflammation of all kinds.


CBD infused clothes are recommended to anyone who wants to relieve pain, reduce

inflammation and improve their overall development in physical activities.

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