Powered by Silver & Bamboo ®, a safe, sustainable and cost effective anti microbial to neutralise + protect. 

With our patented technology, we provide permanent and significant protection from the transmission of viruses and bacteria. Quickly and effectively kills harmful viruses and bacteria with 99.9% efficacy. 

Proven safety and sustainability  which can be used on various substrates, some of which include textiles, paper and plastics.




  • Proven efficacy; 99.9% efficacy

  • Active 24/7; the treatment is constantly active on the surface of the product

  • Durable; remains effective even if the physical product is damaged

  • Non-leaching; our technology is non-migrating 

  • Multiple Modes of action; our products have been tested on many harmful bacteria and viruses

  • Multiple Material application; our product can be used on many substrates including textiles, paper, plastics, wood 

  • Easy to apply; integration is incredibly simple and seamless and does not disrupt manufacturing process

  • Sustainable 

  • Exceptionally safe

  • Certified

  • Low Dosage, High Performance

REACH: We advocate the checking of all products for presence of substances of very high concern in compliance to Registration, Evaluation and Authorisation of Chemicals (REACH)


OEKO-TEX standards: We ensure we comply to these standards


EPA Registration: We offer a variety of anti microbial products each with their own certifications and registrations 


Trusted by leading manufacturers and retailers: Our anti microbial technologies are used and trusted by leading manufactures 

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